Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Seasons Change

As I ran a couple errands this afternoon, I admired the blooming flowers and trees along my route.  The beauty after the storm.  Last nights thunderstorm and pouring rain assisted in more flowers blooming and trees smothered in new buds.  The dreadful winter becoming only a shadow of a reminder.  For Carter, it was devastating and the aftermath is still in repair.  He lost all of his strength to pull up or take steps.  He battled cold after cold.  But as the weather starts looking up, so does Carter's development and health.  Just yesterday, he pulled to stand twice on the couch.  He isn't throwing up or refluxing nearly as much and he has slept through the night, the past 2 days.  He hasn't missed any days of school in the past month, except for a couple routine doctors appointments.  Proof that the worst seems to be over; both in weather and in health.  No one is really sure why this happens to a lot of kids with medical problems, but I'm thinking it could be weight gain, med adjustments, colds, hospital admissions and the winter blues.  

But as the seasons always do, change is coming.  It might be hard to imagine during the hard months when it's gloomy and cold, but the sun is always there.  Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.  It's the same with Carter's abilities and strength.  It might be hidden sometimes, but it always there.  The proof is in his smiles and resilience.

It's always amazing to me every spring that beneath the frozen ground and -0 temperatures, the seeds and bulbs of perennials seize to die.  Even after the limbs of trees are covered in ice over and over, they continue to sprout new leaves every year.  Even the toughest of times cannot break the hope and fight inside of our son.  It's always there, even when we worry.  I am so thankful to all the doctors, therapists and teachers who never give up on Carter.  They continue to research and trial new things, even when the odds are against us.  A couple months ago, Carter was evaluated at the big eye center in Ann Arbor to determine how well he could see.  They concluded that he can see okay minus some astigmatism and  near sightedness, but the doctor continued to say that he didn't believe glasses were necessary because of Carter's cognitive impairment.  He said it wouldn't make much difference in his every day life.  That man must not have hope.  He must only understand what he reads in his textbooks; tunnel vision of the world around him.  Our local eye doctor couldn't disagree more with that narrow minded doctor.  We went ahead and ordered his new glasses any way.  Who is to say that glasses won't make all the difference in Carter's exploration of the world around him?!  Who is to stay that he won't try harder to touch button prompts to talk to us if only he can see clearer?!  You will always find hard times and negativity in this world, but it's how you decide to move forward that makes all the difference.  What would this world be like if there was no hope?  It's a thought that I refuse to give my time to.  Good bye winter, hello spring!  

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