Monday, July 8, 2013

Carter's WALKING!

Words can't describe the emotions we are feeling.  4 and a half years of waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting so patiently to see all those special firsts and big milestones from my first child.  4 and half years of blood, sweat and tears...many, many, many days of therapy, appointments, med changes, hospital stays, up's, down's and everything in between and the big day has come!  Carter is walking!  Something many doctors told us they didn't think he would ever do.  Those dreaded words of maybe, not sure and probably not.  Carter has proved them wrong!  He has other plans and has done everything in the order he should, just 4 years later!  Less than a year ago, he learned to get himself to sitting and ever since, he has been fighting the biggest fight of his life!  I've never seen a child so strong and so determined as this miracle and hero that I am so lucky to call my son!  We have all stood by on the edge of our seats as we struggled and cried to see him try so hard.  Milestones that most children learn early in life and without much effort.  For Carter, these feats have taken every ounce of his low supply of energy and every bit of control!  Despite his dytonia and Cerebral Palsy, he is breaking through!  He's showing his Mito who is boss!

As I sit here trying to construct the words to express the happiness we feel, I can't find adequate words. All I can say is that the hope I have always had, is shining as bright as the sun!  I don't doubt that Carter will keep progressing and become a highly functional child.  I don't feel as afraid anymore.  Of course, the fear of what could possibly happen or change looms above our heads...but for now, I am brushing it away.  I just want to bask in the glory of this long awaited and beautiful day!  Today is a day that will celebrated all the years ahead!  July 8th...the day our son took full steps and WALKED!  I will grasp each day and hold on tight!  We have fought this fight right along side of him, we have willed every ounce of our strength hoping and hoping we would see this day!

CARTER IS WALKING!!!!!  I want to shout it at the top of the highest mountain!  Words I wasn't sure I would ever say...CARTER IS WALKING!  CARTER IS WALKING!!!!!!

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