Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dreams coming true!

It's been a week since our little victor began taking consistent steps!  Seeing him only hold on with one hand as he balances and takes steps, is a miracle!  I still watch him in amazement and awe; somewhat still in shock that he is really doing this!  He is responding more and more to simple commands and his eye contact is improving.  When our local newspaper heard about this break through, they quickly asked if they could do an update article on him, to which we excitedly accepted!

Our local newspaper came to our house yesterday to ask questions and take pictures of Carter.  When my husband and I were getting ready for Carter's big interview, we talked about how we never thought we would have a child who would have the newspaper coming to our home to do an article on.  We were never sure whether Carter would ever overcome his obstacles.  I always dreamed of being a mother, then I dreamed of my son meeting milestones and now my dreams are to see Carter to grow up!  So many unexpected miracles in our lives.  I wouldn't trade this life for anything.  Sure, there are sides to this life that are heartbreaking and devastating.  Of course, I wish that Carter's life could be easier and pain free.  But each struggle humbles us and reminds us how precious life is.  To share these up's and down's with the "world", gives Carter's incurable disease some sort of purpose, if you will.  I know that when I hear other families stories as they go through similar journey's, it gives me a hope and feeling of support.  We are not alone.  To see people reaching out to us, even those who have never been through this journey, touches us beyond words.  Even people who have never met Carter, are sharing how touched they are by his story and this is remarkable!  Times are changing so much and I am so happy that Carter can help make these changes.  People are viewing disabilities with acceptance and empathy.  People are asking more questions so that they can understand what this disease means.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

Yesterday, we also received a tube in the mail that has a beautiful story and letter to Carter that officially grants him a wish from Make a Wish!  We will be flying to San Diego in a little over a month and we are so excited!  Yet another thing that we never thought would be a part of our lives.  For a while, I was torn between being sad and excited about this wish.  It's hard to explain the emotions that are involved in deciding on a once in a lifetime wish for our sick child who cannot speak or say what he wants.  I don't see anything wrong with him; he is my perfect, beautiful child, so hearing that he has a life threatening and degenerative disease again and again still brings me to my knees.  Saying out loud that we are going on a Make a Wish trip, still brings me a tinge of pain.  Don't get me wrong, we are so appreciative and excited!  Let's just say, there are so many dreams coming true for our family and my biggest dream right now is that these big moments keeping flooding our home!

I know that Carter's birthday is still 6 months away, but I am already thinking of plans and a theme!  Oh and how can I forget?!  We will be throwing that walking party soon!  We hope by the end of the summer, we can get our close family and friends together to celebrate Carter's HUGE milestones!  I mean, this is something to celebrate!  4.5 years of fighting is finally paying off and Carter is breaking free of his chains!  This has been the best summer ever!

With all of the support and outpouring of love for our son, it truly keeps me strong and motivated to keep fighting! I want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and cheering Carter on through this tough battle!

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