Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Years Strong!

It was a whirlwind relationship and many people thought we were moving way too fast!  From the day we met, we were inseparable and in love!  I was young and enthusiastic about all things in life, especially marriage and starting a family.  We both wanted all the same things of life.  Before I even moved in, Josh renovated the extra bedroom in his house into a huge walk-in closet just for me.  He went above and beyond to check off all the things I said I always wanted, big and small.  Though almost everything in our new relationship was beautiful and perfect, we also went through some not-so-pretty things.  Only a few months into our relationship, I had my tonsils removed.  He was right there beside me as I went in and came out of surgery with a big bouquet of flowers.  He endured 2 awful weeks of me crying in pain and needing home IV's.  As soon as I recovered, in March of 2008, he took me to a fancy dinner where he asked me to be his wife, Chef Craig Common, staff and all.  We planned to get married the following summer, 2009.  But as we all know, another little surprise slipped into our lives shortly after we were engaged!  In May of 2008, we discovered we were expecting our first baby. A week or so earlier, I had found and ordered the perfect wedding dress in a size 4.  After lots of discussion and excitement, we decided to bump the wedding up to July 26th, 2008.  That big day came fast, but we were ready!  I still remember coming around the corner and catching sight of my handsome fiance at the bottom of the hill, waiting for me.  I had to push back tears and remind myself that it was already risky enough that I was wearing heels in grass without my eyes being glossed over in tears.  I grabbed on tight to my brothers arm as we made our way closer and closer to my future.  Hearing and repeating those vows meant so much more to me than the traditional value behind them; they became tattooed to my soul.  For richer or poorer, sickness and in health...

Here we are, 5 years later and stronger!  3 children, 3 years in Florida, up's, down's, bills, sickness and health...we are still here, tall, proud and strong.  We are more in love now, then even that day 5 years ago!  We have been through things that most marriages never endure.  We have gotten through those times by finding the positive and smiling despite the pain.  We have learned more than we ever imagined we would, but we have done every single bit of it together.  We battle this thing called "life", hand in hand.  I wouldn't change a thing!  I look forward to 70 more years together and I love you with all my heart, Josh!  Here's to many more, my love! Cheers!

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